cacao ceremony

During the cacao ceremony you are taken in an inner journey in your body in which we work on your chakras and any health issues to unlock, release the blocks and receive power.

This ceremony will amplify all your powers and it will connect you to the highest version of you. Many insights & abundance are received- around love, money, career- see it as a ceremony that will help you level up in all areas and it will connect you deeper with God that will allow you to trust more which brings more miracles.

Through energy healing & energetic techniques I release your blocks from the body which are a portal to discover a new power within you- for example you get to channel your business, you create a new life for yourself, telepathy, increased intuition, amplified sensitivity to feel what others need when they meet you. It will be an energetic upgrade of your body, as I work with your DNA and your organs to increase your health & vitality.

You will go into a deep hypnosis trance where I guide you in your body, I also channel what is hidden in your energy. In this deep state, you travel back to Source where you meet your soul, your angelic team and you can see into past or future lifetimes. This brings a big power & confidence in your body as you get a taste of God- you receive lightcodes that are imprinted in your consciousness and when you come back you are completely changed as the most high version of you.

In the end we do tarot & oracle cards for integration & to see which opportunities are waiting for you & your business and how you can implement transformative steps for holistic success.



My name is Ruxandra and I am a mentor for starseeds, conscious leaders, healers, coaches. My mission is to empower healers and leaders to build their own empire of light so they can live a life full of freedom, abundance, peace & empowerment. The medicine I am working with is cacao. Cacao opens your heart to higher love & a greater connection with Source when you honor it in a ceremony. Cacao showed me my mission, she helped me built 2 spiritual businesses, she healed me on all levels and now I am dedicated to share its magic with all of you who step into Shanti.